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Discovery Ride Depot, Arbor Day Farm

The Arbor Day Foundations' Arbor Day Farms, chose Almanor Log Homes, LLC to provide this beautiful log post and beam structure for their "Discovery Ride" in Nebraska City, Nebraska. The structure is made from big & bold Douglas Fir logs ranging from 8" to 12" in diameter. It will incorporate huge 30' trusses. This building is simply beautiful.

The new depot serves as the beginning and the ending point for the ride, and also houses retail and educational space for visitors. This video follows the phases of construction on the depot, from delivery of the logs to the finished building.

Customer Testimonial

Dear Jerry,

We would like to send our appreciation and gratitude to you and your team for the design/build of our Tree Adventure Discovery Ride Depot at Arbor Day Farm. Everything kept on schedule and the completed building surpassed our expectations.

We particularly appreciate your willingness to listen, to design to our unusual and unique requests, and to support the sourcing of great materials and partners to build this new structure.

A special note of thanks for your recommendation of using Jody Johnson and his team of experts to do the building and setting of the logs, trusses, roof structure and finish. They are very skilled craftsmen and instrumental in the correct way to erect, trim, and set the logs to allow for the building to be well built in a very timely manner. Their collaborative approach in working with some of our own team to help with specific areas was very good. Because of their expertise, and their willingness to work whatever hours were necessary around our guest s and events, the entire building process as seamless and timely. As you know, they traveled from Utah, and they arrived as scheduled, and completed the work a day before they anticipated, even with a couple of new things we asked them to do after they arrived. Their expertise was essential in making this building a success. Plus, they kept a really clean and organized work space, which was important with all of the guests we had near the construction site.

Thanks for all of the people you brought to the table, from design, material selection and construction. We dedicated the building last weekend to rave reviews from all of the funding partners and the leaders of our community. We now have a structure that will be used daily by hundreds of thousands of people, and they will be the ones who enjoy your great work.

With gratitude and appreciation to you, Jerry, and to your team. We are very grateful we selected you to be our partner on this project, and wish you continued success.

Please let us know how we might be able to help in the future, or provide any recommendations for letters of support for others who might be making these same decisions.

In partnership,

Doug Farrar, Vice President

Arbor Day Farm

Nebraska City, NE

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